Hi there, I’m so glad you could join me,
here at The Feather Tree.
You’ve found something quite special,
your new favourite site (you’ll see)
This here is a magical place,
a wish or a dream come true.
A collection of wants and needs,
all waiting here just for you.

Discover a brand new excursion,
or find an amazing show.
Perhaps some handcrafted toys
Or PD with a guide in the know.
Here you will find inspiration,
and some like minded peeps.
That understand an educator’s role,
is vast, complex and unique.

Now, I hear what you’re saying.
C’Mon Brydi, how can that be?
Feathers, they just don’t grow
from the gnarly brown branch of a tree.
But that my friend, is just the point
Let your imagination run wild and free.
Who says? Why not?  But just maybe…
We’re thinking outside the box, you see.

I’m Brydi and I’m an educator for life.

I have found something that I love and something that I’m good at. I can be part of a team full of like minded people and yet still fulfil my role in my own way.

I firmly believe that educators, environments, programs and services cannot be generic. The Feather Tree brings many amazing, fun and unique learning opportunities available to children and educators to your fingertips allowing you to tailor your experiences and environments to suit your service and your community.

Perhaps your visit will inspire your next adventure or guide you in the direction you’ve been seeking. Or maybe it will simply cut down your office time and let you get back to the fun stuff and back to the children.

I hope that the Feather Tree helps you find, reignite or keep the magic of imagination.

Brydi. x

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.”

– George Bernard Shaw

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