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 These hanging CD’s are a beautiful way to display information in your classroom or service. Give your class or staff photos & Birthdays pride of place in your classroom or service.

The Pros:

  • The children can make them. (or if their still littlies they can ‘help’)
  • It’s recycling and sustainability in action.
  • It’s super cheap to make or if you already have this stuff lying around then it’s free. Whoop Whoop!



What you need:Display class & staff phots on recycled Cd's

  • Old CD’s and DVD’S
  • Wool
  • medium to large Buttons
  • Sticks (we found ours when walking to school)


  • Glue
  • Scissors


Time to start wrapping your CD’s!

  1. Cut a piece of string approx. 1.5 metres long and glue one end to the cover side of the CD.  keep wrapping around and through the centre circle.  When your string runs out cut another piece and knot them together, ensuring the knot is once again on the cover side of the CD. Alternatively, you can glue both ends down individually but I only recommend this option if you’re using a hot glue gun or some other kind of quick drying glue.
  2. Cut another piece of string to wrap around the outside edge of your CD.  Run your glue around the outer edge then slowly wind around your string.  We chose a contrasting colour and thickness to emphasis the border.
  3.   Finally, glue your buttons to the centre of your CD’s.  This is not just for decoration.  The buttons are a surface to attach photos without getting blue tack all stuck in your wool.  recycled Cd's for your classroom photos
  4. Now the Sticks.  Taking the end of your wool tie a knot around one end of the stick, making sure that it’s tight.  NB: You don’t need to cut your wool for this, just place the ball at your feet so that it unwinds as you need it. Now, holding your wool fairly taut with one hand begin twisting your stick ensuring that the wool is wrapping quite closely.  Once you get to the end, tie it off and glue it down to secure the end of the wool nice and firmly to the stick.    Recycled Cd's hanging photo display
  5. Putting it together is quite simple.  Tie some string to the backs of your cd’s so that they can hang.  We  chose to make loops on the  other ends of the string so that we can remove the CD’s as and when we please.  We did the same with the  connecting pieces (suspension strings) to hang the sticks as well.  It can now be modified and changed according to its use.


Quick Tips
  • Glue fabric circles from scrap material to cover the backs  of your CD’s if you’re seeking perfection and worried about it showing.
  • If Blue Tac gives you the heeby jeebies velcro circles, otherwise known as hook and loop, will set you back around $2 at your local variety store.
  • Double or even triple your suspension strings (the ones holding up your sticks) for that extra piece of mind that it’s going to stay hanging.
  • When you’re ready to move on don’t throw away the parts. give them a new life. Upcycle!

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