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Sustainability is not so scary.  Let’s crack that nut open together.

First things first –  Stop overthinking it!  Forget that it’s the new buzz word.  Before sustainability hit our shores we focused on being environmentally friendly so don’t put it up on an unreachable pedestal.

Ask yourself these 2 simple questions:

  1. How do you or can you take an active role in caring for our environment?

  2. What are you doing to ensure a clean & green planet for future generations?


Dive deep but don’t go for mission impossible.

Get a pen and paper or your laptop and write down anything that you are already doing.  Don’t skip the small stuff or exclude something because you’ve always done it or everyone else is doing it.  Every little thing counts. (worm farm, scrap paper bin, collage trolley full of all sorts)

Look at what else you can do, change or tweak.  Work your way through each room and  process. Opening and closing, setup and pack up, meal times, rest times, administration processes, crafts, games, worksheets, resources etc.

Leave no stone unturned.

Do some online research for environmental events throughout the year and have a think of how you can participate and use these to your advantage.

Don’t Overwhelm and Overload.

Focus on the little things that you can implement right now and get them happening. Can you cut down waste buy purchasing your regularly used items in bulk or perhaps you can set up a recycling system and start sorting your waste. Eco Bin have some awesome options that can work in any space. (I love the battery bins)

If you work in a team make sure that the changes happen across the board and they stick.  There are loads of ways that you can have a smaller global footprint and it will work to break it up. For example, set a goal of implementing 3 new processes or changes each week.  That way you can make sure nothing disappears in the wake of your sustainability crusade.

Some changes will be seamless while others won’t work quite as you thought.  Don’t give up.

Change and modify until you find a system that fits perfectly with what you need.  Sustainability is not about what anyone else thinks or how you will be marked.  If you feel as though you’re lost in the sustainability ‘fog’ go back to your answers to the 2 simple questions above to refocus.

If in doubt, DON’T chuck it out! (until you absolutely have to)

It’s looking old and tired,  doesn’t work perfectly anymore?  Before you launch it onto the endless mountain of broken toys and resources consider the possibility of giving it a new life.  (or be trendy and call it upcycled)

  • Can it be modified and then used for the same purpose?
  • Will it work perfectly in a new space for another reason?
  • Can it be broken down and used as parts?
  • Will it work as an outdoor resource?

Pinterest is jam packed full of  awesome upcycles so if you get stuck, head there for some sustainably inspired revamps.

Kitchen cake tin   home corner    musical instrument   sand pit    seedling tray


Keep track

Find a way to record your sustainability journey whether it’s  daily, weekly or monthly. This is important because it will keep you motivated and maintain momentum but also remind you of what you have achieved.  Be proud of yourself.  

Stay the course

Don’t let the easy way deter you and allow this to become a passing phase. Put reminders of your sustainability goals everywhere.   Find an inspirational quote that sings to your soul and call to your inner environmentalist.  Display a photo of a beautiful untouched piece of paradise that you’d like to visit one day.  Use this as a reminder that if you don’t start doing something it may not be there when you’re holiday time comes around. Do whatever it takes to keep the fire of sustainability in you burning bright.

Make a plan and record your sustainability journey

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